Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Us!!!

We didn't specifically plan an "anniversary trip"... it just worked out that the week we decided to go to the beach just so happened to be the same week as our anniversary. It was definitely a plus to be at the beach for our anniversary, but I honestly didn't care where we were... as long as I was with my hubby :) I still can't believe two years have passed since the day we said our vows. It's so cliche but it truly does feel like it was just yesterday.

Always the thoughtful husband that he is, Matt gave me a beautiful pearl & diamond ring- the final piece to complete my set. He gave me the pearl necklace on our wedding day, the earrings on our one year anniversary, and now the ring. It's gorgeous and the perfect "right hand ring". I gave him the watch that he's had his eye on for a while now- it looks impeccable on him. The best gift of all ended up just being able to spend a whole week together- no work, no interuptions, just time with eachother.
We also had some of our friends join us for the week. Our daily entertainment was our friends two adorable 18 month old twins. My husband is already getting baby fever and I think this just added to it even more. It was their first time at the beach and they loved it! So precious.

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lindz83 said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. You two make an adorable couple- you're so beautiful! :)