True or False- No News is Good News.

We're still playing the waiting game on the home we put an offer in on and I'm super stressed. I know the saying says "no news is good news" but in this case, I feel like that's false. I just want to know something... anything!

*Edit- I posted too early... as it turns out, no news IS good news! My hubby couldn't stand it any longer and called the realtor. The builder has verbally confirmed that he is accepting our offer but the realtor wanted to wait and contact us until he got it in writing!!! YAY!!! We're not saying it's a definite yet until we see it in writing, but it looks like it's really going to happen!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. This is fabulous news.

MissChris said...

Congratulations! The house looks like it's going to be beautiful.

sas said...

That's great! It looks like it will be beautiful... and a lot of fun to decorate!