Our Dream Home!

Usually I try to refrain from writing posts about my personal life; however, I'm so nervous right now I just gotta do something to make myself feel better and I know that posting will (hopefully) give me that relief! Why am I so nervous you ask? Last night the hubby and I decided to put an offer in on our dream home! We've been watching this home being built for a few weeks now and we have completely fallen head over heels for it. We find ourselves driving up to the neighborhood every chance we get and just walking around the house. Everytime we get there we don't want to leave. One night we just sat on the stoop in the garage for a good half hour or more talking about how wonderful it would be for the home to be ours. I know I know, we probably sound crazy right? Well we're definitely crazy about this house! Hopefully we'll find out this evening if our offer was accepted. Until then I'm trying to refrain from biting off all my nails in anticipation. Hopefully I'll be writing another post soon with good news! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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