Q & A: Ask away!

Dear Lovely Readers,

This coming Monday, 6/1, I'll be doing a Q&A session on the blog to answer all the infamous questions I get asked about wedding design, wedding advice, I Do Originals and myself! So here's your chance... if you have any questions for me, ask away! Feel free to leave your questions by replying to this post or sending them to blog {at} iDoOriginals.com. What are you dying to know?!

Looking forward to it!
~Kristin Melissa :)


love&rubies said...

ohh fun! how did I Do Originals get started? what's your favorite part about your job?

i Do {blog!} said...

those are probably the two questions I get asked the most, so they'll definitely be answered! :)

MissyJoy said...

Hi Kristen! Would you ever think about broadening you items to include maybe...invitations, wedding maps, cake toppers, etc.?

i Do {blog!} said...

another great question! Thanks MissyJoy!