I.D.O. Spotlight: Holly + James

Sometimes we just have to pat ourselves on the back... and this is one of those times. Bride Holly came to us with her own monogram (above) and requested that we paint it onto an aisle runner for her. We have to admit that we were a little apprehensive about it as the design was so intricate, but we love a challenge so we agreed to help and we are so proud with how it turned out! And how beautiful is that color combo?! I adore everything about this runner... I don't even want to ship it out because I want to hang it up in the studio it's so gorgeous! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Holly & James to receive their runner. Holly & James please have your photographer take lots of pictures of the runner so we can have you as one of our "Featured Couples!" Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

wow, that is really incredible!

hannah @ lovelyprettythings said...

I am in awe of your talent- it looks like this was screen printed instead of hand-painted as it's so perfectly done... truly amazing!

Wendy said...

I love this!!! And, Holly is one of my brides! I can't wait to see this rolled out at the venue!!! Amazing! I will make sure the photographer takes lots of photos!