It's Embroidery Week!

Photo courtesy of Enigma Productions

All week long we will be highlighting items from the new Embroidery Line over at iDoOriginals.com. To kick things off, we're going to start with our best seller... the Reflection Tag, a special gift from the bride to her mother. We are so proud to offer this new concept to the bridal world. Our reflection tags offer a sentimental spin on the traditional dress tag and are sure to bring tears to the mother-of-the-bride as she reflects back on her daughter's childhood. Our reflection tags are embroidered with the bride's maiden name and birth date followed by the bride's new married name and wedding date. The gift is sure to be a treasure and comes in its own gift bag with a beautiful reflection poem:

This simple dress tag is a badge of honor for us both to celebrate.
As you sew this inside your little girl's wedding dress reflect back.

On all the times you mended torn clothes and broken hearts

Back on my first tumble, when you gently mended my knee

Back to the time I lost my first pet, when you reassuringly mended my heart

Back on all the received award recognitions, when you so proudly attached badges of honor to my clothing

Now is the time to attach
***Bride's Maiden Name***
securely inside my wedding dress
For I will soon become ***Bride's New Married Name***

(please note this poem is copyrighted, all rights reserved, and may not be reproduced or duplicated)

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