Only iDO

Exciting news: For those of you who know me personally, and those who frequently read my blog, you know that in addition to running iDoOriginals.com (iDO), I've also been working full time as an elementary school counselor for the past 3 years. Well... it's official, I have formally resigned from counseling and will now soley be focusing on iDO! I've been wanting to do this ever since I started iDO back in 2006 and I'm so excited that I'll now be able to focus all my attention to wedding design. Yay!


Wendy said...

Congratulations! I wish you much success with it! Since your work is awesome and you are already so busy, I'm sure you will be wildly successful!

Kate said...

Congrats! I'm sure you will still be doing lots of counseling with all of us crazy brides!