Surprises are so stressful... you're constantly afraid of slipping or that someone else is going to slip, you're on edge always wondering if the person being "surprised" already knows, and you just want to tell so bad you can hardly stand it. With that being said, when you can truly surprise someone... it makes all the stress completely worth it. Last weekend, we surprised my sister with her first bridal shower- and she was DEFINITELY surprised.

The set-up: We had gone up to PA for her graduation from Villanova University, which was on Sunday morning. On Saturday, we spend the day moving her out of her apartment and then we had my great Aunt's 70th birthday party that night. Well my sister was particulary concerned about her appearance for the party. She took so much time getting ready, went back and forth on what to wear a million times, and had a look of anticipation on her face all afternoon. When we arrived at the party she looked confused. She leaned over to me and said, "Kris, I thought this was going to be my bridal shower!" Of course I knew the whole time this is what she thought, so I was in hysterics as was the rest of our family. We enjoyed the party and then went home to get some sleep for graduation the next morning. After her graduation on Sunday the "plan" was that we were all going to her new apt. to unload the moving truck. We had to stop by her old apt. to pick up a few last things before we got on the road and we knew she would want to change out of her graduation dress into comfy clothes. We thought that if we all told her we weren't going to change that she wouldn't change either, but sure enough, she did... which validated that she had NO CLUE that she was on her way to her shower! This is why she's in a t-shirt and jeans in the picture above! We knew she could easily change back into her graduation dress (which is of course what she did immediatley after she realized what was going on!) so we just let it go and knew it would be all the more priceless her walking into her shower in her moving clothes!

Moral of the story: surprises may be stressful, but when they work, they're incredible! The shower was a hit.

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Wendy said...

Great story, Kristen! Villanova is my neck of the woods! Cute photo, by the way!