Bachelorette Party!

One of my friends (that's her on the right me on the left) just had her bachelorette party last night and we had a great time! This weekend set off a month long of wedding related event weekends- bachelorette party, my cousin's wedding next weekend, a friend's wedding the following weekend, then sister's shower & bachelorette party... four weekends in a row of weddings and pre-wedding parties... I'm in heaven!I have to admit, I've had a blast planning the showers for my sisters wedding. I loved picking out the invites, favors, and of course doing the decor. We already have one shower down and one more to go (which of course I'll be blogging about)... but what I'm really looking forward to is another bachelorette party! I got these adorable invitations from PolkaDotDesigns and a ton of fun little surprises from Bachelorette.com. I'm so excited for another girls night and I can't wait to have some serious fun with the Bride-to-Be!


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kari & kijsa

Pami In Miami said...

Those invites ARE adorable! I've searched PolkaDotDesigns and cannot seem to find them :( Any chance you could let me in on the name of them? I'd be ever so grateful!