Damask Damask Everywhere!

So I know I did a popularity post on our most popular pre-ready monograms a couple of days ago... but I know you're curious about custom monogram trends also! So what's the most popular thing people ask for with custom monograms? DAMASK! Seriously, how can you not love damask? It's vintage yet trendy at the same time, classic, elegant, timeless... what's not to love? No wonder brides are requesting it left and right! Here is just a very small sampling of our custom damask monograms that we've recently created over at iDoOriginals.com. Enjoy!

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Lauren said...

Kristin!! I heard from a friend of a friend that they thought our monogram was displayed on your blog - and here it is! Thanks again for everything. I've received so many compliments on how our wedding was so personalized by the beautiful monograms you designed for us. Just in case you were wondering, we actually used a combination of four that you designed, which made it fun and interesting, yet still all tied together. Pictures (and invitation sample) are on the way to you. Enjoy your much needed vacation!