A Sparkly Shower

This past weekend I hopped a flight up to Pennsylvania for my cousin Mandy's bridal shower. Each of Mandy's bridesmaids was asked to choose a "task" for her shower. The maid of honor sent out a list of responsibilities we could choose from which ranged from getting the cake, ordering the favors, getting the balloons, etc. I, of course, immediately volunteered to take care of the decorations and set to work designing a monogram that I thought resembled Mandy and her fiance Bob. I knew I wanted to create a table runner and parasol for the shower, but at the last minute I decided to whip up a banner also. My biggest inspiration for the designs was Mandy's dress. I still haven't seen it, but my aunt told me that when Mandy moves her dress "sparkles". I have never done a glitter monogram before, but figured I'd give it a try... and I can officially say I'm OBSESSED with the way it turned out! I will definitely be adding this as an option for all our hand-painted items over at iDoOriginals.com.
I also tried out a new fabric for the banner- bridal satin. I had some black ribbon left over from another project I'd been working on so I decided to go ahead and trim the banner. Again, I'm OBSESSED with the way it turned out and will soon be adding this to our line of products as well!

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Mandy said...

I am Kristin's cousin, the one in the picture surrounded by all of her amazing work. If you think her work is beautiful over the computer you should see it in person. She is so creative and all of her work is one of a kind, which makes your big day feel that much more special. For being the first client with sparkle applied to the lettering, Kristin's creativity really went above and beyond. I highly suggest it!! If you can't tell I am extremely happy with all my surprise decorations at my shower!!!!