i want to STAND OUT

So many brides are using "champagne" as one of their wedding colors. While it's a gorgeous and elegant color to use throughout your wedding concept, it unfortunately doesn't translate well onto fabric. Why you ask? The color is too close to the ivory or white fabric that it tends to blend right into the fabric and doesn't have any "pop." If you want to stand out, try going with a a metalic gold instead like several of the runners shown above... it makes a beautiful statement and really shows off that classy, regal feeling that most brides are looking for.
Want to make a simple statement? Instead of selecting one of our monograms to be painted onto an aisle runner, go with a simple single initial like the "B" runner shown here. It's simple, stylish, and spectacular.

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Pink Pig said...

Your work is just amazing! What talent and style you have......