Wow! I've been tagged by weddingsinabox! This is my first tag so I'm pretty excited about it!

The rules are:
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2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
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So... 7 random or weird things about myself...
1) I am a terrible cook... and I mean TERRIBLE. My poor husband gets home from work and all I ever have to offer him is a Lean Cuisine, Stirfry, or a sandwich. I'm working on it... but it's not going too well.
2) I am a total caffeine junky. I think I could live off Diet Mountain Dew and be happy.
3) I'm obsessed with my basset hound, Ruby. I treat her like she's a person... here she is when we were laying out together getting some sun this summer :)

4) The sound of feet rubbing together repulses me. It seriously makes me want to throw up.

5) I love to decorate with the color green. Hubby got so sick of green in our last house he's pretty much forbidden it for our new house :(

6) I get motion sickness pretty easily. Windy roads and simulated rides... forget it. I think it's getting worse as I get older too.

7) I have a love affair with weddings. If anyone even mentions anything remotley wedding related I get all excited. Guess that's why I started I Do Originals :)

I am tagging: Magnolias, Marriage, & Manhattan, The Preppy Wedding, Brides in the City, Weddings by Socialites, i-weddings, Wedd Lady, and PlannedPerfectionPA

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