Wedding Website Therapy

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that in my "real life" I'm a school counselor. So when I came across this website I knew I would just have to share. The website is called "True Bride Confessions" and it's a forum where brides (past, present, and future) can annomously post about anything going on in their lives that they need to confess. Confession is, in my opinion, an extremely theraputic outlet. So often we hold in what we are thinking or feeling... sometimes we do this because we're embarassed of our thoughts and feelings, or most likely, we don't want to burden anyone else with our problems. What we don't realize is that by keeping things in we're placing a heavy burden on ourselves. It's time to let it out! Go and vent about your overbearing future mother-in-law or your lazy fiance who refuses to help with any of the planning... take advantage of this great outlet! The best part is... it's completely anonymous- so no one will ever know! Don't have anything to vent? Go check it out anyway- you may be able to relate to some of the confessions and hey, some of them may even make you feel better about your own life! *warning: some foul language

"TrueBrideConfessions is the first ever online confessional for brides, brides-to-be or brides -who've –been. A place for women planning or reminiscing about their joyful wedding days who need to vent but don't want to ripple the wedding waters." -www.truebrideconfessions.com

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