School's (almost) Out for Summer!

Just cause we can all use something to look at while we read, above are some of my most recent creations!

And now for a glimpse into my personal life: So as most of you know by now, my "real job" is a school counselor at an elementary school (well, 3 elementary schools actually) and iDoOriginals.com is my "fun job." I am so excited to say that in 2.5 days school is officially out for summer and I can begin focusing even more attention on all my lovely brides! I can't wait to spend the whole summer being crafty! YAY! I wish I could say that was all I was planning on doing, but the summer holds a lot:

- selling our house
- buying a brand new house (yippee!)
- nine birthdays
- two weddings
- an engagement party
- one graduation
- and a partridge in a pear tree

I can't wait for summer to officially begin! Oh and want some more good news? The great blog Weddings by Socialites recently blogged about us- what a nice honor!

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~Mommy~ said...

Those are beautiful!! If I hear of anyone getting married anytime soon, I will definately refer them to you. :)