Beautiful Chaos

A good photographer can make chaos appear beautiful. As our one year anniversary is nearing I keep looking back at our wedding photographs and this one always stands out to me (credit to our fabulous photographers at Enigma Pro of course). Even after all my meticulous planning and creating timelines and schedules for everyone in the bridal party, we somehow ended up running late. Thankfully my wonderful group of bridesmaids and my mom got me into my gown and completely dressed from head to toe in mere seconds. Talk about chaotic! I had hands all over me pulling, pushing, squeezing, tying, buttoning, poking, you name it my girls were on it! I thought I would definitely get a good laugh when the pictures came back but I was shocked when I saw how beautifully my photographer captured this chaos! True genius.

So what’s the moral of this story? When selecting your wedding photographer, choose someone that you feel comfortable with and also someone who has the ability to remain calm and capture the beauty of the day in all its chaotic glory. Since we officically have 10 days left until our 1 year anniversary I'm going to highlight the fabulousness of our photographers and try to post one of my favorite pictures from the wedding each day... now how do I choose?!

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