DIY Polaroid Guestbook

Our guests raved about the polaroid guest book we did. They loved having their picture taken as soon as they arrived at the reception (I guess it made them feel important!) and they really enjoyed being able to write us a message rather than just signing their name. So how'd we do it? It was actually really simple, and cheap! Below are the directions:

- Scrap book (I purchased a small 5x7" scrapbook from ACMoore for $3- make sure to get a book that has the page covers that are closed at the bottom so that if any of the photos come loose they won't get lost)
- extra scrapbook pages (also at ACMoore)
- photo corners (purchased at ACMoore)
- 2 Polaroid JoyCams (purchased off ebay)
- JoyCam film (purchased off ebay)

How it Worked:
We had three guestbook attendants. Two attendants took photos as the guests entered cocktail hour at the reception, which helped to keep things moving. With two photographers, no one had to wait for very long. The third attendant was seated at the guestbook table and was responsible for attaching the photos to the pages with the photo corners and making sure that people signed next to their photos. Once each page had two photos and two messages, the attendant at the table just inserted the scrapbook page into it's cover and voila! The guestbook was finished before we even arrived at the reception! Simple, easy, cheap, and much more fun to look back on instead of just a book with names!

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