Bragging on the Hubby

Today is our one year anniversary! I can't believe it's been a whole year, it feels like it was just yesterday that I was walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. We decided to celebrate our anniverary last night and my handsome hubby told me he had set something up and we needed to be somewhere at 7pm. So we got all dressed up and my hubby blindfolded me (well, actually I wouldn't let him blindfold me so I kept my eyes shut- and really I didn't peek!) and we were off. I honestly had no clue where he would be taking me. When he told me to finally open my eyes I realized we were at the country club were we had our reception! Now we are not members of the country club and you can only have dinner there if you're a member, so I thought that he had just brought me there to kind of reminice and then we would go out to dinner somewhere.... wrong!

He grabbed my hand and brought me inside where I saw the sign. The same sign that said our names a year ago listing our reception in the ballroom. It now read "Happy Anniverary Mr. and Mrs. Shortt" and pointed to the main dining room. I lost it. I started crying right there in the lobby. This was the sweetest thing I could've ever imagined.,. but it doesn't stop there! We walked into the dining room and they brought us to our table that had a beautiful bouquet of peonies and hydrangeas- our wedding flowers! Oh he's good. Then we proceeded to be served the SAME EXACT meal that was served at our reception, everything was dead on- the amazing filet and grilled shrimp, the garlic mashed potatoes, even the same exact salad dressing! Oh yeah, he's beter than good... but again, it doesn't stop there. He then asks me to put his cell phone in my purse (something he does often so it wasn't out of the ordinary) only for me to find a little black box inside my purse. What's in the box you ask? On our wedding day, my hubby gave me a beautiful pearl drop necklace. The box contained the matching earings!

I am way too lucky. It was seriously the most perfect night ever- and all so unexpected. We topped off the night by coming home and watching our wedding DVD. And today, we'll eat a bit of our freezer burned cake... then finally throw it away!

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MMM said...

You are very lucky! Sounds like a perfect evening with your perfect guy. Congrats on your 1st year!