The BIG gift

Speaking of our one year anniversary... I've mentioned that our BIG gift to eachother was our new house (hubby cheated by getting me all those other goodies after we said no gifts!) So here's a little house update. We now have the signed contract, we've put down the deposit on the house and we're schedule to close on September 15th... things are definitely moving along! During our last visit we wer super pleased to see that all the brickwork has been finished on the front of the home as well as the back. The rest will be finished in siding (we're not sure what color yet). It's so exciting to see our house being built right in front of our eyes- every time we go to check it out they've done something new- it's great! Obviously I'm going to be posting about the new house a lot- so be prepared for lots of updates!

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Nessa said...

Hi! My, that's a lovely house. I'm still renting. I can't wait to have my own:)