Ode to Peonies

It's my favorite time of year... peonies are in season! I am absolutely in love with peonies- as soon as I discovered this beautiful flower I knew I just had to have a bouquet of peonies for my wedding day. And I didn't want to stop there- I wanted peonies for the bridesmaids, the centerpieces, on the cake- everywhere! The first florist we met with told me that our wedding date (June 24th) was a little late for peonies and there was absolutely no way he would be able to get them for us. I was crushed, but I didn't give up. I went to a second florist, and she said she would certainly be able to get them for us- even if she had to order them from out of the country (which she did!) I was thrilled and I am so glad I didn't just settle for another flower- peonies are GORGEOUS and they made our wedding even more beautiful- not to mention they smelled lovely! I think I might go out and buy a bunch just to bask in their beauty and scent and to bring back the memories of our very special day.

My beautiful bouqet by my talented florist Best Wishes, photo by Enigma Productions:

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Some flickr finds of more beautiful peony bouquets:

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