Adding to the team!

I first started helping other brides with projects like aisle runners, table runners, programs, etc. back in the summer of 2006 after my own wedding. A lot of brides would just look at my knot bio and ask if I would help them with a project of their own. I started getting so many requests that I created iDoOriginals.com in November of 2006. I started out thinking that I would just get a few orders here and there and help out a handful of brides in my spare time. Little did I know that the response to my little hobby would become a full blown business! I have been overwhelmed with orders for items I display on my site and I'm loving every minute of it. I have to admit it is certainly a confidence booster that so many brides choose me to help them with the very special personalized details of their big day. Due to the massive amounts of orders iDoOriginals has been receiving we are adding to the team! My beautiful little sister is joining the ranks and she just had her "training session" this week. The decision is in... she's a natural! She did such a fabulous job during "training" and the items that she worked on turned out amazing- I'm so proud of her!

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