A Visit from the Hokie Bird

In honor of the Virginia Tech Hokies, I thought I'd share this picture from our wedding (credit to our outstanding photographers). Right after the bouqet and garter toss, our DJ announced that a special surprise visitor came to wish us congratulations. He put on the VT fight song and in came the Hokie bird- a huge thrill since 90% of our guests are MAJOR Tech fans. He stayed and did the Hokie Pokie with all our guests (I think just about everyone participated!) and then was available for pictures. The visit was arranged by my parents as a special surprise for me and my hubby (we both attended VT) so this was really a special surprise and helped to further personalize our reception.

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decor8 said...

Oh my goodness this is the best. The Hokie Pokie with the Hokie bird. How cute. And I'm sorry for what your community has had to endure recently. It's so sad. But you look so happy in this picture and living life is the best way to show respect and that we cherish what WE have, right?