We're Open!

As anticipated, we have officially re-opened for 2011 after taking time off for maternity leave. I am excited to begin taking orders again but now in addition to running I Do Originals, I am a full time mother... so I'll only be accepting a limited amount of orders each month until I have the whole work/mother thing down! Also, I always try to respond to all e-mails within 24-48 hours and I will still continue to try my best in doing so, but please be patient if it takes a little longer at times. I'm starting today at tackling the enormous pile of e-mails in our inbox so if you're waiting on a response please know that I'm working as fast as possible to get back to you. I also have a slew of order forms that are awaiting invoices so bear with me and I'll get those out just as soon as I can. Thanks so much to everyone for your patience during my maternity leave and I'm excited to start working with all my 2011 clients! Happy New Year!

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