Clever Ways to Use Parasols

Our brides are so creative... Bride Britney ordered five single initial parasols, which spell out the couples new last name, how clever is that? The possibility for displaying the parasols are endless... and they're going to make for gorgeous photos!


Micah said...

A parasol is a device designed to keep the user out of the sunlight, and variations on it have been used for years, especially in hot countries. actually umbrella or parasol is not for rain purpose only but to keep you away from the harmful effect of the sun to our skin. just a little trivia guys The term “parasol” comes from the Latin para for shelter or shield and sol, which means sun. Anyway you have a nice Parasol huh=) Thanks!

love&rubies said...

These are stunning! What a creative bride... wish i had though of something like this!

CaymenIslandBride said...

LOVE IT! Gorgeous work as always! And to Micah thanks for the history lesson on parasols, you learn something new every day!