Baby On Board!

I'm so excited to announce to my lovely readers, clients, and industry friends... I'm pregnant! That's right lovies, I'm due in December and couldn't be more excited. As you all are well aware by now, I Do Originals has been my baby for the past 4 years... but now there's a new baby coming and I've been trying to figure out ways to still work as long as possible but take care of myself and allow for proper rest at the same time. The goal is to close temporarily for maternity leave from November 1st- January 3rd, but I'll need to stop taking orders early in order to get them all finished by November 1st. So... here's a little heads up with a basic outline of what to expect over the next few months:

Current Clients: If you've already placed and paid for your order, it will still be processed within the approximated times stated on your invoice... no changes for you!

Future Clients: If you're thinking of ordering soon... hurry up! Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

July 31st- The last day to order hand-painted items (aisle runners, table runners, banners, & parasols). The turnaround will still be three months as stated on our site.

30th- The last day to order personalized candles. The turnaround time will still be 4-8 weeks as stated on our site.

September 30th- The last day to order monograms and logos. The turnaround time will still be 20 business days as stated on our site.

As of November 1st I will be completely on maternity leave and the shop will be closed temporarily. I will be reopening January 3, 2011 and ready to accept orders for March 2011 weddings and beyond!

Of course this all may change based on how I'm feeling, if the baby's late or early, etc. but as of right now this is the game plan. I'm so excited for this little one to come!


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Affairs With Elegance said...

That is great news. Congratulations!

sharon said...

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your time away!

Tish B. said...

Congratulations! This is really great news...my little one will be here in October, just a few months before your angel arrives. Get you plenty of rest, mommy!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very exciting! Congratulations!

Michelle said...

Congrats!!!! I am due October 10, 2010. Enjoy every moment of this experience. It is so neat!!