Wedding Monogram Etiquette

We always get a ton of questions on monogram etiquette... so here are a few tips:

Q: Whose name/initial goes first?
A: Ladies first! The woman's name/initial always comes first on a monogram because the man's first name/initial should never be separated from his last name/initial... so as an example, for a traditional 3 initial monogram, if Shauna & Ryan Jones are getting married their monogram would read: SJR

Q: What if I'm keeping my last name?
A: We suggest using a 2 initial monogram... simply replace the middle initial with an ampersand (so in the above example it would read S&R)

Q: When can we start using our married monogram?
A: If you want to follow traditional etiquette, keep these simple rules in mind:
Before the wedding ceremony: If you're following traditional etiquette, it's a big no-no to use your married monogram before you're actually married. So that means using a monogram with your new last name or intial on save-the-dates, invitations, thank you notes, etc. is taboo. Instead, use a monogram that has just your first initials or first names.

During the wedding ceremony: This is still a gray area for some, but I say if you want to use your married monogram, go for it! The married monogram is a visual symbol of two people joining as one... so the wedding ceremony is a perfect time to begin using your new monogram on anything from aisle runners, unity candles, programs, etc.

After the wedding ceremony: Anything goes! Use your married monogram on anything you wish- the reception is a complete green light to display your new married monogram proudly be it on a table runner, menus, the cake, the dance floor, anything your little heart desires!

*Please note the answers are based on traditional monogram etiquette... and while most people choose to have their monogram reflect traditional etiquette, there's nothing wrong with wanting to switch it up a bit. Our advice... do what makes you comfortable!

Have a question about monogram etiquette? Let us know... we'll do our best to answer!

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