Pictures!!! Venice Photo Shoot w/ Mauro

I have to take a moment to tell you all how in love I am with Mauro Pozzer and his wife who did our photo shoot in Venice. Mauro suggested meeting at our hotel and take a few shots there and then going for "a walk through the city"... and that's exactly what we did. My husband and I walked hand in hand through the cobblestone streets taking in all the sites and smells and sounds of the breathtaking city. Mauro did such an incredible job of capturing this as he silently moved around us, finding the most unique angles and interesting perspectives. There were times when we'd look around and Mauro was nowhere in site... and then we'd see him off in the distance, capturing images of us from afar. Every now and then he'd yell out in his strong Italian accent "kiss her!" The photo shoot with Mauro was truly a highlight of our trip, and we now have a living memory of our time in Venice. Thank you Mauro!


My Dream Ring said...

Beautiful shots!!!!

A "cheery" disposition said...

such lovely pictures. That last one is really neat.

Mauro Pozzer Fotografo said...

that wonderful surprise ... thanks guys