Logo for Girls Night Out

Sharon of Naturally Chic (whose logos we featured here) came back to us to design logos for a fun, stylish, exclusive event... Girls Night Out. We were psyched to do these as she wanted something with a "diva" feel to target young, modern brides-to-be and members of the wedding party. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these designs turned out! Thanks Sharon for your repeat business... we're sure this event will be a HUGE success!

Sharon's Feedback: Wow!!! They are all absolutely gorgeous!!! Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about them... The logos are just so perfect!!! Thank you so much. It will be so hard to choose which one to use as our event logo. Your work is truly amazing!

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TwinsanityMom said...

Too cute! Hey go check out this blog and see if anything looks familiar to you. ;)