A heads up...

We've already mentioned this previously, but we will be closed April 30th-May 10th for travel. The next few days are going to be quite hectic as we prepare for departure so we wanted to provide a heads up! We will have very limited internet access (if any) while overseas so we politely ask current & future clients to refrain from e-mailing us while we're away as we will not be able to respond to inquiries during this time. Instead, we have provided some basic information about how our close time will effect you:

For new orders: Please feel free to place orders while we are away with the understanding that invoices will be sent upon our return. We are accepting orders for July 25th weddings and beyond with no additional rush fees. For weddings prior to July 25th, please contact us upon our return and we'll check our availability at that time. Unfortunately we cannot accept any more rush orders for May or June weddings.

For orders scheduled to ship during our close time: not to worry, we have planned ahead and all orders originally scheduled to ship during this time (according to your original paypal invoice) will ship prior to our departure! This close time will not lengthen any turnaround times for orders scheduled to ship after our return. We've got you covered! We've also shipped out all orders for weddings up to May 16th. If you placed an order for the weekend of May 23rd your order will ship out as soon as we return and we'll be sending it via priority mail 2-3 day shipping... so again, no worries!

For monogram & logo orders: We have had our close notice on the main monogram page of our website since April 1st as unfortunately monogram & logo turnaround times will be effected as these dates (April 30th- May10th) are non-business days. We also provided additional notice on all paypal invoices for monogram/logo orders to alert you of this additional lead time prior to making your payment. Monogram & logo orders placed after April 2nd will be effected but we will work as fast as possible upon our return to get these out to you quickly!

For readers of our blog: We're not leaving you hangin'! We have some great scheduled posts planned full of yummy eye candy... AND if possible, we'll be popping in to say hello and share our adventures!

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience during this time!

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