Logos for Events Extraordinare & Made of Honor

Just finished up with some logos for two different wedding & event planners and wanted to share our favorite for each! The first is the designer pick for Events Extraordinare, owner Jennah came to us with a request for something bold and EXTRAordinary with curvy detailing. The second is the designer pick for Made of Honor; owner Katrina asked for something elegant, regal, and romantic. We love how these turned out!

In other news, we are SO overwhelmed with corporate logo orders! If you have a logo order pending, we promise we're working as fast as possible to get them all finished in the time frame indicated, but it may take a day or two longer than anticipated as the orders seem to be flying in! We really appreciate your patience. Thank you so much to all our fabulous clients for your great referrals and your continued business! :)

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Made of Honor Weddings said...

Wow, thanks! Its hard to decide which one I like best