Where's the best spot?

"Where's the best place for my monogram on my aisle runner?" We get this question alot... and truth be told, it's all about personal preference. With that being said, we do have a few tips:

1) If you're runner is laid out ahead of time and roped off so your guests can't walk down (which is what we recommend), it looks really pretty to have your monogram at the beginning/entrance so that your guests can see it as they walk in. We've found that this location is the best spot for photos also.
Photo by Imagine Studios

2) If you have a balcony at your ceremony site... photographers can get some amazing shots from over head when the monogram is in the middle of the runner. This is also the most central place for your guests to view the customization.Photo by Julie Goodacre

3) If you want your customization closest to you so that you can get a great view of it during your ceremony, go with the end/closest to the officiant. This works especially well when there are steps up to the altar (like in the picture below) so that the customization is always showing. (Normally the monogram is facing the guests but in the case below it was facing the couple & their bridal party- pretty neat to see it done this way too!)

Still not sure where to put your customization? Take a tip from our couple Antonietta & Anthony who chose to get customization in all three places! This monogram is at the beginning of the runner and also at the end, and in the middle is their verse... you get the best of all three options! Best wishes Antonietta & Anthony!

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