Real Wedding: Megan + Kyle

We somehow got extremely lucky googling when we stumbled upon Inara Studios amazing photography blog. As we were scrolling through pages and pages of captivating images of weddings, engagement portraits, and bridal shoots, we found photos of Megan & Kyle's wedding... we recognized their logo right away. The couple already had their own logo when they came to us in Spring of '08 and we were happy to put in on an aisle runner for them. We love how they incorporated it into all their little details... from the wreaths on the front door to the gobo projected behind their beautiful cake, their cookie favors & cups, and even on the fruit display! Super cute and creative. A huge thank you to Inara Studios for allowing us to use their incredible images and a big congratulations to Megan & Kyle!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the carved fruit, too cute!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So beautiful! I love the monogram.