Monograms: Endless Possibilities....

Need a little inspiration for ways to incorporate your monogram into your wedding day design? Take a cue from our lovely couple Lauren & Mark who really went to town with the monograms we designed for them! Their monograms were displayed in elements throughout the entire day...
On the cake boxes:
As an ice sculpture (how cool is this?!):
As a gobo:
They used a design element from one of the monograms on their invites:
And on the programs:
We particularly love how they used a variety of the monograms we provided them with instead of just sticking with one... everything flowed together so nicely! Thanks so much Lauren & Mark for sharing your wonderful photos with us!


Little Ladybug Designs said...

What a neat idea! Looking forward to following your blog.

Vicky Lynn said...

Wow, this is so creative. Just when you think you have seen it all someone comes up with another amazing way to personalize to the max. Well done.