If runners could talk....

... this one would say "The bride who's going to walk down me is regal and fabulous and breathtakingly beautiful."
You know we've been in the studio too long when we start imagine the runners talking! It's true in a sense though... guests see the aisle runner before they see the bride... so you want your runner to speak to them and hint about what to expect in that moment when the bride appears. What would you want your runner to say about you?

This beauty is for couple Quinesha & Patrick who chose monogram 18B to adorn their runner... and we're just in awe of how it turned out ::sigh of delight:: Best wishes Quinesha & Patrick!


Kayce said...

Thanks for the comment. I thought the pictures were hilarious too! Don't you just love Bassets? I can do practically whatever I want to mine and they don't even care a bit. What is your doggie's name?

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

sooo pretty!