Couture, Chic & Stylish Logos

We are so excited to share these we can hardly stand it. Rachelle came to us with a request for couture, chic, stylish logos for her new company. She wanted them to be feminine and she also mentioned incorporating damask or a chandelier... can we say dream client?!!! We loved all of these ideas and totally ran with them. L-O-V-E!!! Rachelle is currently waiting for all her copyrights and trademarks to go through so she asked that we not post the name of her new company yet (the real company name is pretty awesome and believe it or not these logos look even better with the real name!) so please note this is a fictitious name to protect our client's privacy. Once everything goes through we will definitely share a link to her website as we know it will be fabulously chic!

Rachelle's Feedback: "OMG!!! I just opened the email with these beautiful works of art! You have captured the very essence of my vision, now I know how your many satisfied brides feel for their magical day. Thank you for your dilgence in turning these around for me. Now the hard part is selecting the best one that represents the our brand."

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