I.D.O. Spotlight: Sarah + Trevor

If your a regular reader you may remember from our "Parasols!" post below that the "A" parasol belonged to Bride Sarah and that we mentioned we had an aisle runner in the works for her that we'd be sharing... well here it is! Bride Sarah mentioned that she really liked one of the runners that's featured on our website from one of our past couple's Sandra & Jeffrey. We love that one as well and have received several requests for it, including Sarah's, so we were happy to create it for her. Best wishes to Sarah & Trevor for their January '09 wedding!

As a a side note, we are working on some new updates to our monogram collection for 2009 and we are happy to announce that this will be one of the new standard monograms we'll be offering! We can't wait to show you what we've been working on for the new year!

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