I.D.O. Spotlight: Special Request for Bride Ashlyn!

Bride Ashlyn came to us back in July with a request: 3 extra large black banners with one white initial per banner. She explained that this would be the backdrop to her ceremony site and she had been searching tirelessly trying to find a company that would do this for her... and then she found us! She wanted a pretty script font for the lettering with the middle initial to be a little bolder than the first name initials- we love they way they turned out and we can't wait to see pictures of them at the wedding when they're all set up (it's times like these we wish that our studio space was a little more conducive for taking pictures of our work... but hey, we do the best we can!)

Ashlyn also decided to order five three initial parasols in fun font #4- aren't they so cute?! Ashlyn has been one of those bride's who has just been a true joy to work with and we know here wedding is going to be GORGEOUS!!! We wish Ashlyn & her finace the very best on their wedding day and we look forward to having them as one of our "Featured Couples!"


Anonymous said...

oh wow, this bride's wedding is going to be amazing!!!

Leah P

Ashlyn said...

This brought a tear to my eye! Thanks soo much for your hard work!! I love everything!

Shannon said...

OMG, I am so jealous!!! I wish we could afford all that for our wedding, but unfortunately we're on a really tight budget ::sigh:: I love being able to see the beautiful things you create for other brides though... these are some of the most beautiful items I've seen yet!

rebecca said...

what a lucky bride!