Chaundra's Story

It really is pretty remarkable the connection we make with our clients without ever even meeting them in person. It's no wonder that my heart broke when I got the following message back in September from Houston Bride Chaundra reading:

"...you recently did a aisle runner for my fiance and I, Quentin. We were supposed to get married this weekend, but unfortunately Hurricane Ike came through instead..."

Can you imagine? The invitations have all been sent out, your guests have arranged their flights and booked their hotels, all your vendors have been confirmed, and all that's left to do is marry the person of your dreams... and then disaster strikes. Hurricane Ike not only damaged the hotel that Chaundra & Quentin were to be married in, but also left a fallen tree on their home. Thankfully, they weren't hurt. As soon as I finished reading Chaundra's e-mail, I knew we just had to get a new runner out to them for their new wedding date, which is coming up this weekend. It was the least we could do to help. When we told the news to Chaunra, we got the following response:

"Ohhhhh.... Kristen thank you! Tears are rolling down my face, because I've been through soooo much this week, from the hurricane, a tree falling on the house, wedding postponed, and then calling vendors and people letting them know that things have changed. You are such a BLESSING, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart..."

It truly was a pleasure being able to replace this runner for Chaundra & Quentin. We feel honored to have worked with such a genuine, sweet, and appreciative bride and we wish Chaundra & Quentin the very best as they get married on Saturday!

Pictured above is the new runner we created, minus the date... we didn't want to jinx anything this time!


Teresa @ fortheloveofweddings said...

wow, what a story. This just goes to show how much you care about the clients you work with, and it makes me proud as an event planner to send all my clients to you who are in need of personalized items... i know they are in the hands of the best!

Anonymous said...

you should be so proud of yourselves for the way you connect with your brides. this is such a great story :) thanks so much for sharing it with us. And the new runner is beautiful! ~Yvonne