A Sweet Gift for the Groom

If you plan on giving your hubby a gift on your wedding day this might just be the perfect option. As soon as I saw these sweet watches from HourPowerWatches.com I knew I had to share! Of course I love everything that you can personalize so these are no exception! When I went on to read about HourPower I was even more intrigued....

"HourPower is dedicated to the belief that people can enhance connections to loved ones, to goals, memories, or inspiration by the use of our unique patented timepiece. Every one of our watches open to reveal a secret chamber for special words and photo that can be viewed often throughout the day.

The watch design was the "brain child" of a clinical psychotherapist and life coach as a simple way to galvanize the power of intention. Now, an emotional connection or touchstone, is actualized as you check the time-And just knowing that there is a secret inside reinforces one's commitment and resolve."

I'd love to hear about what you gave your hubby or what you plan to give... or if you plan to give something at all for that matter!


Anonymous said...

we didn't exchange gifts- we just wrote each other a 'love note' to read the morning of the wedding. We figured we spent so much on the wedding why spend more!

amanda said...

I love this idea! I've been looking for ideas on what to get him and this has now gone to the top of my list. thanks so much for sharing!!!