Kelly + Jim: The Reception

For their first dance, Kelly & Jim invited their parents to join them on the dance floor as a way to show their appreciation and to honor them. Following the first dance my dad gave a beautiful welcome speech to the couple and their guests.
Centerpieces consisted of calla lilies, orchids, and the vases were filled with limes. For my toast, half of it we were cracking up laughing and the other half I was balling my eyes out. You may be wondering why I'm holding up a headless barbie... I was telling a story about how growing up one of our favorite pastimes was playing with barbies and our little brother would come along and take their heads off. Right before the wedding my mom actually found this barbie- with no head... so of course I had to show it! We actually found the head- which is what my brother is showing in the top right picture. It was a great touch!
Photos by Enigma Productions
As Virginia Tech grads, of course the Hokie bird had to make an appearance at their wedding- he was a big hit, not just with the kids but with all the adults as well! All of the VT students & alum got a group picture with the Hokie bird :) The bottom two pictures show the picture table that was set up of old family wedding photos- everyone got a kick out of seeing the old styles and trends!

And that's it for our week long posts of Kelly + Jim's Wedding! We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into their wedding and lots of luck and the very best wishes to this beautiful couple!

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Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

i'm so jealous, how was your sister able to get the hokie bird at the wedding??