The Art of Gift Giving

Well my sister's wedding is over and it was a blast. We had such an incredible time and I can't wait for the pro pics to come back so I can share all the fabulous details with you all. In the meantime, I wanted to share some amazing gifts that were given over the weekend. Kelly made her bridesmaids feel so special when she presented us all with this adorable basket with a personalized towel wrap and slippers from Exclusively Sew. During the morning of the wedding we all wore our slippers and the photographer got a really cute shot of them. We also received beautiful earrings that matched our dresses perfectly. In additon to that, Kelly proceeded to make me feel even more special when she presented me with a gorgeous pearl bracelet the morning of the wedding to say thank you for being her Matron of Honor. So touching...
Another personal gift was a book that I created for Kelly using MyPublisher that had pictures from all her pre-wedding events including the engagement party, finding the dress, her PA shower, VA shower, and bachelorette party. I thought it would be a great way to keep all these photos together so that she could look back and reflect on her journey to the altar. I had all the bridesmaids sign the book and we gave it to her as a gift on the morning of the wedding.

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robin @ florabella said...

that gift basket is precious- what a great idea. congratulations to your sister!