Warning: Gushing Ahead

Okay okay, I have to totally gush for a second. Of course I love all the projects that I do but sometimes there are just those that really seem to stand out to me... either because I'm trying something new, or it's completely in line with my own individual style, or both. Well let me tell you... I am so in love with the items I'm creating for Traci & Dennis I can hardly stand it. Traci and I have been in contact for a long little while now and she has really taken great care to make sure she selected the perfect monogram for each of her items and used the perfect colors... and the result, WOW. I know her wedding is going to be INCREDIBLE. She ordered two memory candles, two monogram candles (something new for me- they're actually the same size and price of the memory candles but with a single monogram), two of these black banners, a verse banner, a "Thank You" parasol, and a table runner... I am having so much fun creating all these goodies for her and I can't wait for her to see them all in person!!! {end gushing}

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