Exclusively Sew- 25% off!

For lots of fun personalized little details and gifts you definitely need to check out ExclusivelySew.com. Exclusively Sew is a brand new company that's just starting up in the world of embroidery... their prices are already insanely low and on top of that they're offering an incredible "Start Up Sale" of 25% off all orders from now through the end of May! When you visit the site you definitely have to check out this:
it's called a "Reflection Tag" and it's a spin off of the more traditional dress tag (which they also offer). It's personalized with the bride's full maiden name, birth date, new married name, and wedding date. It comes complete with a special poem about reflecting back on years past as the tag is sewn into the wedding dress... how special and personal is that?! Love it.


Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing Exclusive Sew with me. I just recieved my order and am loving the Refelection Tag. I will give it to my Mom and we will share a moment refelecting back to all our memorable times we shared. This is a great way to steal precious time together before the big day. I also got the ring pouches and love them. What a great keep sake and I feel good that my soon to be brother inlaw will have my ring secure prior to giving it over at the ceremony. Great purchase.
Thanks so much for spreading the word. My order came in one week.
OBX 8-02-08

Wendy said...

I love this! What a perfect idea! And thanks for the heads up about this new company! Love it!!

Wendy said...

I love this idea! So personal and pretty. Better than just a monogram! Thanks for the heads up about this new company!