All Settled In!

We're all moved in and have been spending the majority of our time unpacking, organizing, and decorating- basically doing all the fun things that come with moving to a new home. We are so happy and everything so far has gone very smoothly. So what's my favorite part about the new house??? My new OFFICE!!! I finally have a space all to my own where I can work on orders and everything I need is in one spot- it makes life a whole lot easier! The office is still pretty much bare bones but I will eventually make it look like something out of a Pottery Barn magazine- all in good time! Right now I've been busy focusing on the actual work that gets done in the office- here are some of my most recent creations. The only problem I've found with my office is the lighting- it's a little dark, especially for taking pictures. Some of these items appear to be a different color than they actually are- so if you are the proud owner of one of these items, don't panic if the colors aren't looking right in the pictures- the brown and marroon colors are showing as a black in the pictures- but just wait till you get them in person... they are certainly true to color!

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Jen / domestika said...

I do like those candles, very simple and clean and modern. A nice change from the usual pretty-pretty candles in bridal shops and catalogues.