Custom Monograms = Custom Labels

Wow. Things sure have been crazy around here! "Busy" does not even begin to describe the way these last few days have been. It's so hard trying to run a business (that can sometimes be quite messy) out of a home you're trying to sell. Not to mention, I'm trying to complete about a dozen orders (though it feels like 100) before I leave for the beach... needless to say I'm feeling a little worn out! I apologize for the lack of posts, but wanted to share some of the cool monograms I was asked to create for a client. This client chose to have me create custom monograms for her but she chose to have each monogram be more of a lable design that she was going to use for different things such as favors, OOT bags, and other goodies. I just loved the concepts that she wanted to use and thought this was a clever way to really take advantage of the custom 5 for $25 deal- smart thinking!

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