Home Again!

Just returned from visiting my little bride-to-be and we had such a great time. We spent our time expoloring, laughing, eating, and what else... shopping! We spent a full day on Friday shopping for wedding gowns and she found a GORGEOUS gown. She still has a little over a year til the wedding though so no purchase yet... but I'm telling you, it's absolutely amazing! I won't post any details about it though in fear that her fiance might read.

In any case, just wanted to let everyone know I'm home and I'm spending the night responding to all the e-mails and orders I received while I was gone. I won't be able to get to my e-mail all day tomorrow as we're having an open house (keep your fingers crossed that we get a buyer!) tomorrow- but I'll be back on schedule starting Monday. I hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend!

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