Bling for your Bouquet

Looking to add a little bling to your bouquet? I came across these easy instructions by a former knottie Jen2Wed to make your own bouquet jewels. This is a very simple DIY project that can save you a ton of cash. Check out these great step by step instructions:

Material Needed (Purchased from Michaels):
~ Beads of choice. Various sizes, shapes and colors.
~ Pins (not sharp!), approximately 2” long, flat top, found in the bead section.
~ Superglue or Tacky Glue
~ Floral Wire - Found in Floral Section. Cut down to approximately 6” sticks.
~ Floral Tape - Found in Floral Section

Step 1: Stack the beads on the pin in any combination you like.
Glue the bottom bead in place to keep the beads from falling
down the pin.

Step 2: Superglue the pin to the floral stick, make sure the floral stick is just
below the beads so there is more of a flush look.

Step 3: Once the glue dries, cut off about 5-6” of floral tape
and an angle at the ends, wrap the pointy part of the
end at the bottom of the beads and twist around so it
covers it. Twist the floral tape down the stick, if you
get it at the right angle the tape will not wrinkle.

Step 4: Finish the ends off with a drop of Tacky Glue to keep
the ends from coming apart.

Step 5: Insert into your bouquet!

Don't feel like being crafty? You can always opt to order pre-made bouquet bling from bouquetjewels.com.

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