Monogram Etiquette

I always get a ton of questions on monogram etiquette- so here it is for all the many brides who love monogramming as much as I do!

Q: Whose name/initial goes first?
A:Ladies first! The woman's name/initial always comes first on a monogram because the man's first name/initial should never be separated from his last name/initial.
Q: When can we start using our married monogram?
A: Follow these simple rules:
Before the wedding ceremony: It's a big no-no to use your married monogram before you're actually married. So that means using a monogram with your new last name or intial on save-the-dates, invitations, thank you notes, etc. is taboo. Instead, use a monogram that has just your first initials or first names.

During the wedding ceremony: This is still a gray area for some, but I say if you want to use your married monogram, go for it! The married monogram is a visual symbol of two people joining as one... so I personally feel the wedding ceremony is a perfect time to begin using your new monogram on anything from aisle runners, unity candles, programs, etc.

After the wedding ceremony: Anything goes! Use your married monogram on anything you wish- the reception is a complete green light to display your new married monogram proudly be it on a table runner, menus, the cake, the dance floor, anything your little heart desires!

Happy Monogramming!


Anonymous said...

I have a question concerning monogram etiquette.

My name is Michael (John) O'Grady, and yes, I'm Irish and was born and raised in Ireland. I'm marrying a girl by the name of Emily (Alison) Bush, and she is of the strong opinion that her new initials will be EAO. My initials have always been MOG (not MJO), as the 'O' means absolutely nothing on it's own. Or so we believe at home.

I am however living in the US, and I am happy to abide my local custom. I did want to check first and I'm sure you've come across example of this before. I am MJO forevermore?

Thanks for your help in advance,


Anonymous said...

If you are living in the South, your initials are MJO and HER NEW initials will be EBO -- we use a lady's maiden name as her new middle name when she marries, and especially as her middle INITIAL.

"Emily B. O'Grady"

So where do you live? -- that has a strong inflluence on your answer. But I see it as very confusing to use the G for your last name, considering you will always be in alphabetical listings as O -- for O'Grady.

And "it's" ALWAYS stands for "it is", by the way.....the possessive is "its".

C said...

What would the monogram look like for a 16 year old girl with this name:
Heidi Rose Beach Shaw. She has two last names. Her dad's last name is Shaw, her mother's is Beach. Would her monogram be little h, large B S, littls r? THanks

kaki said...

What is the accepted monogram for the last name of McDonald? I have been told it is McD. is that correct?

Anonymous said...

Is it alright to use the first letters of our last names instead? For example, my surname is Madison, and his is Blair. Can we use an intertwined MB as the logo on top of our wedding invitation?

Anonymous said...

I can't find the answer to this one ANYWHERE! Suppose a woman has remarried. Example: Maiden name: Paige Rita Calhoun First Marriage: Paige Rita Calhoun Douglas Second Marriage: Paige Rita Calhoun Douglas Anderson? If she wants to mongram something with three initials, presuming she uses her first initial on the left, (P) and her (second) married name in the center (A) ....which letter would she use on the right? Please help! Thanks!