The Infamous Getaway Car

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At the last wedding we attended I somehow ended up being the gofer for the groomsmen and was assigned the task of running out and getting the supplies to decorate the getaway car. I was given a few specific items to get but the rest was up for me to figure out. I ended up going for the usual- toilet paper, crepe paper, balloons, etc. As I was collecting all these items I wondered, what ever happened to the sweet cars with the simple "Just Married" sign on the back and a few cute tin cans dragging behind? For our wedding we came out to find my husband's jeep completely trashed and tied with fishing wire so we couldn't even get in... and what did my husband have to say about it? He loved it of course! He said if his groomsman hadn't gone all out he would feel like they didn't care- so the more crap all over it the better... and that's exactly what he got! Still today, almost a full year later, he still has fishing wire tied around the mirrors that we still can't seem to pry off... boys will be boys.

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